Project Description

A public port and park for community information and civic engagement.

InfOasis is a model for modular, public places that can be repeated throughout the city to create a series of “ports” hosting community information access, a place to sit and meet, and encourage civic engagement across multiple sites. InfOasis is designed to be flexible to fit site specific conditions, be off-grid solar powered, and collect rainwater for the integrated structural system that also serves as drip irrigation for it’s vertical garden. Embedded touchscreens invite access to community information and/or playing of games while one waits for their bus.

InfOasis can be customized to offer specific apps on the touchscreens that offering informative resources for: emergency shelter or evacuation bulletins, local event or city hall meeting schedules, bus arrival times, job postings, where to find the nearest public art, geo-cache games, and more.