Project Description

A pavilion that inspires people to actively shape their urban environment.

Modern urban environments sometimes lack spontaneous, fun, activity.

The built environment is typically just buildings we walk beyond, with no engagement. The sidewalks are barren, and there’s
little between departure and destination points. The pavilion intends to merge the perspective of sculptor and spectator, functional beauty in a finely crafted addition to the urban fabric.

The transforming pavilion structure is modular and flexible. The idea is that the pavilion structure could be larger or smaller
depending on the site conditions of various cities. Its parts are modular and easily assembled and disassembled. It will act as a shade structure, but most importantly comment on the static nature of our built environment. The fins that form the structure of the pavilion are movable, and over the course of 24’, becomes an interactive sculpture for visitors. Each person that visits the pavilion can create their own form depending on how they move the parts in relation to each other. Its potential is to show individuals how our built environment can be more dynamic, and how they themselves have the capacity to choose the possibilities.