Project Description

A portable space where passerby can record observations and share ideas about local ecology and urban design.

At the TweetHaus: Observation Station passersby can record observations about the surrounding environment and share thoughts on how to improve the design of their city. The Observation Station is a demonstration of a portable, modular “urban furniture” system that can be setup next to bus stops, in front of a cafe, or in a nearby park to collect information about various sites in an effort to help our city be more functional, more habitable, and better integrated into the overall design and demands of a specific urban environment with urban ecology in mind.

The open plan and data collection modules of the Observation Station invite citizen scientists to communicate about the world around them, documenting what they see and also noting where their city is succeeding and where it could improve green space and habitat for local species. We ask you to tell us how the city streetscape could be a better place for humans, animals, and plants!
The re-arrangeable space will have maps for participants to jot down their observations for a more tactical, site specific urbanism.