Project Description

A relaxing and movable collection of seats for anyone to watch the city go by.

In the South, sitting on your front porch is a historical and universal tradition. Everyone can relate. From drinking sweet tea, to knocking back a few cold beers while telling jokes, to watching your children ride their bikes and play with their pets in the front yard, the front porch is the perfect theatre seat to watching the world go by while enjoying the outdoors.

Many times, this idea of a front porch ends at the edge of residential neighborhoods. The pedestrian connection between sidewalk and building is limited to a few measly metal benches almost randomly set up by the city or sidewalk chairs and tables that are set up by restaurants, requiring a purchase. This limits the pedestrian experience in cities. Sitting and watching the world pass by in a relaxing, free-spirited way should be accessible. The Urban Porch tackles this idea by offering a relaxing and movable front porch all around the city.

Many places in our city that need more color and vibrancy. A grey concrete wall along Peace Street. A stucco apartment building on Glenwood South. An empty parking lot in the Government district. These locations are also perfect for sitting and watching the city go by.

Therefore, the addition of simple and colorful benches will liven up these urban locations with a splash of color and a moment of rest to take in the urban experience. Spreading benches of similar color across the city would then create a networked connection between the locations. This would connect places of differing purposes; a church, a bar, an office building to one common idea: relax, while watching your city speed by at any location.

Together, these benches will create a collective urban porch that can be experienced by anyone and at any time. So grab a tea, a book, a copy of ‘Huck Finn’ or ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ and relax in the city. You’ve earned it.