Our City: Oakland Open Call for Proposals

The call was announced on December 4, 2020 and closed on December 18, 2015.


Our City received 30 proposals and selected 11 of these proposals to participate in the Fair and receive funding.

All of the selected project teams have at least a majority of members that live and/or work in Oakland. Neighborhoods represented by the selected teams broke down as follows (some teams represent more than one neighborhood):

- West Oakland: 7 teams
- East Oakland: 4 teams
- North Oakland: 4 teams
- Downtown Oakland: 4 teams
- Lake Merritt: 3 teams
- Oakland Hills: 2 teams


In total, $14,400 in funding was allocated for the 11 selected projects. The smallest funding amount given to a team was $400 and the largest was $2,000. These allocations were made based on the amounts requested by the teams to complete their projects, and the amount available in the funding pool.

Selection Criteria

Proposals were selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Potential to induce play in people of all ages and backgrounds.
  2. Strength of community engagement in design, production, and on-site experience.
  3. Quality, durability, and scalability of design and construction.


Proposals were selected by a jury of local leaders from government, arts, funders, and community groups, and successful applicants were notified the week of December 21. The jury consisted of:

Kristen Zaremba, Cultural Arts Manager, City of Oakland
Rachel Flynn, Director of Planning and Building, City of Oakland
Mai-Ling Garcia, Online Engagement Manager, City of Oakland
LaMecia Butler, 50 Fund
Steve Snider, District Manager, Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt-Uptown District Associations
Natalia Mount, Executive Director, Pro Arts
Matt Passmore, Founder and Lead Artist, MoreLab
Jake Levitas, Co-Founder, Our City
Ray Boyle, Co-Founder, Our City