Jake Levitas
Jake LevitasCo-Founder, Our City
Jake has spent the past seven years in four sectors creating new platforms for civic engagement through design. He has helped spearhead some of the nation’s leading work in participatory urban design.

Civic Engagement ● Urban Planning ● Design ● Organizing ● Community Outreach ● Permitting ● Policy

Ray Boyle
Ray BoyleCo-Founder, Our City
Ray has spent the past eight years in operations and development for West Coast cultural organizations, creating opportunities for millions to experience the transformative power of art in public space.

Public Art ● Fundraising ● Budgeting ● Event Production ● Installation ● Arts Administration ● Experience Design

Jess Lanham
Jess LanhamWeb Designer
Jess designs on-screen and off-screen with a multi medium approach. As an art director and UX designer, she uses creative thinking to find meaningful experiences.
Luke Spray
Luke SprayCommunity Manager
Luke Spray has spent the past seven years helping communities find unique ways to leverage their resources and engage with urban space.
Anu Murthy
Anu MurthyGraphic Designer
Anu Murthy is an Oakland-based designer and illustrator who is passionate about using design to create meaningful connections between people and great ideas.

Board of Directors

Mayra Madriz
Mayra MadrizUrban Planner + Strategist
Gehl Architects
Zaya Sukhbaatar
Zaya SukhbaatarFormer Tax Consultant
Jess Hobbs
Jess HobbsFounder + Director
Flux Foundation
Scott Paterson
Scott PatersonSenior Design Lead
Ray Boyle
Ray BoyleCo-Founder
Our City
Jake Levitas
Jake LevitasCo-Founder
Our City

Advisory Board

Ted Russell
Ted RussellSenior Program Officer
The James Irvine Foundation
Ashara Ekundayo
Ashara EkundayoCo-Founder / Chief Creative Officer
Impact Hub Oakland
Matthew Passmore
Matthew PassmorePrincipal
Natalie Foster
Natalie FosterFellow
Institute for the Future
Jason Kelly Johnson
Jason Kelly JohnsonFounding Design Partner
Future Cities Lab
Dan Parham
Dan ParhamCo-Founder / CEO
Sean Orlando
Sean OrlandoCo-Founder / Director
Five Ton Crane Arts
Tim Hwang
Tim HwangCo-Founder
Awesome Foundation


Hilary Hoeber
Hilary HoeberBoard Vice President
Roshanda Cummings
Roshanda CummingsCommunity Envoy
Roshanda Cummings is a trained sociologist and group facilitator. She has spent the past four years making community for social entrepreneurs in the Bay Area and helping underdog cities redefine what it means for them to thrive.
Kate Spacek
Kate SpacekProduction Lead
Kate Spacek is a connector, producer, and artist focused on human-centered, collaborative approaches. She co-creates experiences that connect people and ideas, instigate relevant dialogue, and inspire social action.
Shamsher Virk
Shamsher VirkProduction Manager
Shamsher Virk has spent the last seven years directing communications and productions for community-engaged arts organizations. He uses social practice to guide community projects that celebrate the beauty of collaboration.
Leah Nichols
Leah NicholsEvaluation Manager
Leah Nichols is an urban designer and social artist. Her work explores the relationships between urban design, visual storytelling, and community engagement.